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Grey Poupon’s New Facebook Campaign Brings Snobby Branding to New Generation

Grey Poupon’s embraces the idea of interactive communication with brand ambassadors.

If you are of a certain age, you will most likely remember the Dijon mustard brand Grey Poupon for their advertisements branding the mustard as the luxury condiment. Images of a butler and a limousine were synonymous with Grey Poupon.

I can’t remember seeing one of those commercials in recent times, but I have visited Grey Poupon’s Facebook page, which is reminiscent of the older advertisements. The brand today embraces the idea of interactive communication with brand ambassadors by utilizing the elements of Product, Promotion and People (of marketing’s 7-Ps) for today’s Web 2.0 generation.

Grey Poupon’s Facebook brand site reads like the homepage for an exclusive fraternity or sorority who’s number of applicants far exceeds the number that gains admittance. In fact, the Facebook page is actually the bridge to Grey Poupon’s “The Society of Good Taste.” The Society’s tagline reads “a disconcerting Facebook society that rewards those that spread good taste.” The site is complete with an application portal and a “members’ only” section. Only those who pass the brand’s application process are even allowed to “like” the page.

Out of curiosity and the need to feel included, I applied to the Society of Good Taste. After a minute or so of loading, I was treated to a random selection from my own Facebook page unfolding as if onscreen at an old-time movie theater. As the film rolls, interesting comments and critiques about my life pop up from members of the “audience,” whom I can only assume are already Society members. Apparently, my credentials speak for themselves because I am eventually admitted to the Society of Good Taste. I found out that I fall into the 76th percentile, though I’m never told of what.

Of course, this campaign is all tongue and cheek, considering Grey Poupon sits on the same shelves as mainstream brands such as French’s yellow mustard or Gulden’s spicy brown mustard. However, the faux elitism and eventual feeling of inclusion (no matter how comical) encourages those allowed to become fans of the page to interact directly with the brand. Once admitted, Grey Poupon offers society members the opportunity to claim brand merchandise and see recipes featuring the dijon mustard.

PRNews first brought this campaign to my attention, calling it “the coolest campaign in memory.” While its coolness factor is undeniable, the conversion rate of Facebook fans actually purchasing Grey Poupon as a result of this campaign has yet to be measured.