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General Mills Pitches Product Via Pinterest

General Mills Pitches Fiber One Chewy Bars on Social Media

Today’s marketers are finding new ways to reach consumers through social media. As evidence, just look at what General Mills is doing to pitch its Fiber One Chewy bars.

The bars are aimed at children, so reaching that mom target audience is important. With Pinterest reaching a heavily skewed female audience (83% female/ 17% male) and the Hungry Girl website aimed squarely at the female audience as well, it’s no surprise that Fiber One Chewy will sponsor a board on the Pinterest page of Hungry Girl. Hungry Girl began as an e-mail newsletter in 2004 and has grown to reach about a million people via newsletter each day.

According to a recent article in The New York Times, although the campaign includes traditional elements like television commercials and newspaper coupon inserts, the social media aspects are indicative of how marketing giants like General Mills are turning to new ways to reach consumers as those consumers’ media consumption habits change.

For instance, General Mills had earlier turned to Hungry Girl to promote Fiber One products like cereal, yogurt, and snack bars. This is “the first time Fiber One has done anything with Pinterest,” said Julia Travis, associate marketing manager for Fiber One at General Mills in Golden Valley, Minn.

“We know Pinterest is such a growing space and wanted to test the waters,” she added, particularly because “food is one of the top Pinterest categories.”

The idea is to reach “moms who are pinning fun and creative snacking ideas on their Pinterest boards,” Ms. Travis said, and “re-pinning their ideas onto the Fiber One-sponsored board on the Hungry Girl Pinterest site,” which will be called Fiber One Chewy Snack Champs.

Those Pinterest users whose ideas are selected to appear on the board will receive a badge recognizing them as “Snack Champs.”

Lisa Lillien, the creator of Hungry Girl, who is based in Woodland Hills, Calif., said the use of social media “is definitely on the rise” among her readers, citing examples like the Hungry Girl presences on Pinterest and Facebook.

Other aspects of the Fiber One Chewy campaign will include content on the Fiber One Facebook page, mom blogs, e-mail and banner ads on the Hungry Girl Website.

[Source: New York Times]

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