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Forrester Analyst Outlines 7 New Rules for Online Marketers

It’s time for Web merchants and operators to stop considering themselves the “underdog,” according to Sucharita Mulpuru, senior analyst, retail, for Forrester Research. In a session at the recent National Retail Federation Convention in New York, Mulpuru preached a set of “new rules” for Web marketers to heed if they’re to sustain the rapid growth they’ve enjoyed to this point. The following are the seven rules:

  1. The Web is no longer the underdog.
  2. User-generated online content can turn the art and science of merchandising on its head.
  3. YouTube is the new Google.
  4. Green is the new black.
  5. Cash is still king.
  6. “3G” is the new “T3.”
  7. Time is money, but money is really money.
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