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Food for Thought – Location Based Marketing is Great for Food Trucks

Foodies rejoice. Location based marketing has made finding a food truck easy. In the last few years, food trucks have grown in popularity and their customer base has too. No longer do food trucks sell “street meat.” Instead, the savvy small businesses create specialized menus that bring in long lunch lines and famous food critics. Traditional advertisement is difficult for food trucks because their location and hours of operational fluctuate daily. Location based marketing allow the food trucks to stay in touch with their consumer on a daily basis resulting in more consistent business.

Roaming Hunger, Eat St. and TruxMap are the three most popular phone applications to track down food trucks. Although each application differs slightly in appearance and use, all three are fairly similar in their purpose. The applications allow users to:

  • Search for food trucks based on their appetite
  • Keep track of their preferred food trucks
  • See which food trucks have been trending by seeing which food trucks are being talked about on Twitter
  • Get directions to the food truck by using GPS with a click of a button

The food trucks are taking full advantage of these applications and location based marketing. The trucks continually update their hours of operation and menus on the application. Even better, users can “check in” to the food trucks and receive special deals, discounts and maybe even some free food! Based on the success of these applications, location based marketing is a great tool for small businesses who are fiscally incapable of advertising traditionally.