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Facebook’s New Shared Photo Albums

Facebook is releasing a new feature that allows multiple users to upload images to the same album. This means shared albums can be as large as 10,000 photos. Previously, albums were limited to 1,000 total photos and users could only add pictures to their own albums.

This new feature has great possibilites for events, reunions, launches and more. Facebook has done a good job of focusing its browser-based photo section around albums and larger batches of photos. Users can share quick snaps in time with their friends via Instagram, but for larger events, they can share much larger batches of photos on Facebook.

“Right now, if you were at a party and there were three different albums created, you might not be able to see all the photos [based on privacy settings], which is kind of confusing and frustrating,” said Bob Baldwin, the software engineer at Facebook. Album creators will have the power to delete or modify photos in the album, but contributors will have editing power over photos that they upload. The feature is not available for Page albums, says a Facebook spokesperson.

The prototype for shared picture albums was reportedly built by a dozen engineers at one of Facebook’s company-wide hackathons.

Facebook has begun rolling out the feature to a small number of users. It will be available at first only as a desktop option, and will expand to all English users first before the social network rolls it out internationally. Read more…

Mary Shaw