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Facebook User Engagement – Weekdays vs. Weekends

According to a new study from Socialbakers, brands are less likely to post on Facebook on the weekend. The study looked at almost 2.9 million Facebook posts from 23,000 brand pages and the percentage of posts that were created on each day of the week then looked at each day’s engagement rate.

Starting with the 4,000 most engaging posts, they calculated the engagement rate of posts for each day of the week. Monday emerges as the best performer, with its relative percentage at 7.1%. Which means posts created on Monday were 7.1% more likely to rank among the top posts than the average post created on any single day. (Alternatively: the share of posts created on Mondays making it into the top posts by engagement rate was 7.1% higher than the overall share.) By contrast, Saturday (-12.1%) and Sunday (-5.3%) were the worst performers.

The researchers do offer the requisite disclaimers: results likely differ by industry, market, nature of product or service, audience demographics, and season of the year.

Are your social media fans and followers less engaged on the weekend? Share your experience with us.

Mary Shaw