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Facebook offers a new way to cut through news feed clutter

Facebook wants to help consumers get their news feeds in order. That’s why the social network is rolling out Interest Lists to all its users in the next few weeks. The tool enables consumers to organize the pages and public figure profiles that they Like.

Shoppers can organize their Likes using Interests already listed on the social network, such as Recipes. Or a consumer can click an Add Interests button to label her own List; for instance, a shoe hound might want to create a list for shoe retailers. Once a shopper organizes her connections via Interest Lists, the top stories from each group will appear in the user’s news feed, the first page she sees when logging on to the social network.
Brands that have posts with the most interactions will show up on the news feed’s “Top Stories” section. If a shopper doesn’t engage or interact with a brand they Like on Facebook, odds are they won’t see the brand’s posts in her news feed.

To help brands improve their reach, Facebook launched Reach Generator, an algorithmic tool that determines the placement of ads, including Sponsored Stories. Sponsored Stories enable advertisers to highlight posts or actions, such as when a consumer’s Facebook friend Likes a product, checks into a store, plays a game or uses a Facebook application.

Although Reach Generator will help brands reach up to 75% of their fan base, brands need to continue to engage with their fan base with relevant, compelling content.

What do you think about Facebook’s new Interest Lists? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

Mary Shaw