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Facebook: News Feed Changes

Facebook has recently made some changes to its news feed preferences. This update allows users to select the friends whose posts will always appear at the top of the most valuable real estate in the social media universe. You can also unfollow people to hide their posts, reconnect with people you unfollowed, and discover new pages.

Prioritize Stories:
To help prioritize stories, and make sure you don’t miss posts from particular friends and pages, you can now select which friends and Pages you would like to see at the top of your news feed.

Scroll down to settings and choose “news feed preferences,” then click on “prioritize who to see first” and then click on your favorite to never miss a post from them.




Find new pages to connect to:
Helping you find new pages to follow can help you connect with publishers, artists and businesses you might be interested in. Based on the types of pages you’ve liked in the past, you can discover new pages under the same news feed preferences setting in order to get more of the stories you care about.






Select which friends and pages to follow or unfollow: Under the same setting, you can now see a list of the top people, pages and groups that you’ve seen in your news feed over the past week, and choose to unfollow any friend, page or group if you don’t want to see their updates. You can also see who you’ve unfollowed in the past and choose to re-follow them at any time. [Source: Facebook]


What do you think of these news feed changes?

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