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Facebook Experiments with Profile Completion Meter

Recently, some Facebook users have been noticing a profile completion percentage in their About tab. This change is due to Facebook’s newest initiative to start testing a profile completion meter, something akin to what is seen on site such as LinkedIn and Google +. The more information a user provides, for example, basic information about their birthday, gender, religion, languages, contact information or interests, the larger the percentage becomes. In addition to the completion meter, the social networking site has also been asking users to provide their current city in the info section located under their profile picture. These new additions allow marketers on Facebook to:

  • Potentially improve ad-targeting options
  • Create advertisements to a specific demographic
  • Find Facebook users who will more than likely click on their ads

Why is this news worthy?

  • It is in Facebook’s best interest to have more users with a high completion percentage
  • This a new way for Facebook to drive advertisements
  • Advertisements keep Facebook free

Facebook’s experimentation with the profile completion meter not only encourages its users to personalize their pages more but also keeps Facebook operating as a free social networking site. The more success companies have in targeting a specific demographic because of these profile completion meters, the more both Facebook and marketers benefit profit wise.