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Facebook Brand Fans Are Super Consumers

It is important to understand fundamental behavioral differences between Facebook fans and non-fans. For example, fans are much more active in social media, with two-thirds of brand fans also being a fan of more than 10 brand pages at any given time. Conversely, almost two-thirds of brand users that are non-fans have fanned 10 or less brand pages. On average, three quarters of fans are likely to share good brand experiences and share promotions and discounts with their Facebook friends.

Here are five things you should do to leverage the value of your Facebook fans:

  1. Think Visually – Posts, including photos, video and photo albums typically create greater engagement. Include keyword relevant captions, photo descriptions and website links in your albums.
  2. Post Regularly – Create a content calendar and schedule your posts. Post at least once a day, seven days a week.
  3. Use Apps to Create Customized Pages – Give your fans a reason to come back with customized Facebook apps. Apps now include photos, videos, notes, events and more than 3,000 other options to customize your Facebook Page.
  4. Encourage Interaction – Let your fans know how to engage with your content. Should they like the post? Share with friends? Comment? Answer a question? And most important, recognize your fans’ contributions.
  5. Respond, No Matter What – Reply to negative feedback quickly. You may not be able to immediately resolve the issue, but your response shows respect and understanding for customers’ concerns and will indicate your intention to rectify.
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