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Experts Corner: Successful Social Brands

In a recent article from, 9 Digital Marketing Lessons From Top Social Brands, digital marketing experts from MTV, American Express, XBox, NBA and At&T weigh in on how to execute social media to achieve digital marketing success. The 9 “Lessons” from the experts are: Be Human, Know What You Want, Listen and Respond, Diversify and Pace Your Content, Inject Yourself in the Conversation, Get Feedback in Real Time, Know Your Audience, Know Your Platforms, and Create a User Centric Environment.

Read Below to see details and case studies on how businesses can implement these social marketing tactics to increase customer loyalty and engagement.

Be Human: It is important to make sure you are a part of the conversation and not controlling it. Most importantly, you want your companies interaction to sound relatable and not like a corporate voiceover or a press release, MTV and AT&T social media experts, Tom Fishman and Chris Baccus explain. One example of how to do this is create a twitter where the same employees comment and tweet on the company website, expressing their own personalities and opinions-just like consumers do (see Xbox Tweet Fleet for example).

Know What You Want Know the reason why you are launching a social media campaign, whether it is to increase customer engagement or interact and crystallize with communities around their TV shows and brands. Before you commit to the promotional phase make sure you know what you want to accomplish with your audience.

Listen and Respond Twitter is an excellent social media tool for companies to respond immediately; for instance the XBox Support streams 5,000 tweets a week and has an average response time of 3 to 5 minutes. This is an excellent way to engage in “social listening” and take notes on trends to gain information on customers.

Diversify and Pace Your Content Make sure your social media site is also a source of information for your customers and potential customers. However, brands should be careful not to push too much content. Also, when it comes social media; it is important to have both proactive and reactive information and “tweets”.

Inject Yourself into the Conversation “Premptive tweeting” is an example of this. Brands should think abut potential issues or topics fans would want to discuss and respond accordingly. The NBA has taken a proactive role in this tactic by injecting themselves on twitter during the game in “real time”. The NBA Comissioner Dan Stern called this “the digital water cooler”.

Get Feedback in Real Time It is just as important to have strong communication channels so the social media managers are in contact with other departments, such as the tech and development teams if issues arise. Otherwise the customers who are engaging won’t see the results they are complaining about fixed enough, or may not see the site as user friendly. A brands digital marketing success could be as simple as fixing an issues for users to be able to click through to the site.

Know Your Audience The tone you set in your social media site is very important to its success. Now that older generations have become more tech savvy, it is important to personalize you message to the correct audience. Not just knowing where the audience is, you need to know where they are so you contact them at the correct time of day for marketing.

Know the Platforms Facebook= community, think a bulletin board for public announcements. Twitter=timeline of responses. Each platform has its own advantages and can compliment one another, but only if the content fits the platform.

Create a User Centric Experience Social media is a powerful tool, allowing audiences to “like” “tweet” or promote your brand. However, campaigns must be geared towards satisfying the consumer, rewarding them directly for their participation in your product.