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Essential Tips For Using Twitter for Business and Marketing

Essential Tips For Using Twitter for Business and Marketing
Tweeting is about more than just dashing off one-liners in 140 characters or less. To be successful, you need to know all the ins and outs of Twitter. Here are sixteen Twitter tips that will help your business create a successful twitter marketing strategy and get an edge over your competitors.

How to use Twitter for Business and Marketing

  1. Create Compelling Content —Your most valuable asset is the information you provide and it can be the deciding factor in enticing followers. Share articles, pictures and behind-the-scenes information about your company. When you create great content and tweets, use them again. Tweets have short lifespans, so don’t feel guilty for reposting a tweet. More than likely, not all of your followers read your tweet the first time around.
  2. Tweet Frequently — When it comes to how often a brand should tweet per day – most brands tweet anywhere between 1 and 6 times every day (this figure excludes @replies and retweets.) Remember to schedule your tweets throughout the day instead of posting them all at once. Those that tweet throughout the day catch readers at different times of day and gain more followers.
  3. Engage in a Conversation— You won’t succeed in building your Twitter relationships by pushing out one-way marketing messages about your product. Instead ask questions, retweet and publicly reply to compelling tweets posted by your followers and customers. The majority of your Tweets should focus on driving interactions with your followers, such as Retweets, replies, and likes. You can tweet to your audience in general, use a hashtag you know they frequently use, or even @mention specific customers for one-on-one tweeting.
  4. Make it Easy to Follow — Ideally, your website should feature an easy-to-notice link to your Twitter account “above the fold” (visible without scrolling down) on each page of your website.
  5. Make it Easy to Share — Use Click to Tweet to provide bits of text in your blog posts readers can tweet in a single click.
  6. Respond — Answer compliments and provide feedback in real time.
  7. Build Your Brand — Your profile, bio and Twitter background should be consistent with your company’s website, and easy for followers to connect with you on other channels.
  8. Make Keywords a Habit — Use keywords in your tweets to send a consistent signal that tells others who you are, how you want to connect with them and what you want to talk about.
  9. Don’t Forget the Hashtag — Adding hashtags before keywords in your tweets makes it easier for users looking to join a specific conversation, or for specific information. It’s recommended using 2-3 hashtags max in your posts on Twitter.
  10. Call to Action – Add a call to action to your tweet by giving clear directions, providing an incentive to click and by including a deadline. This is about making sure your call to action matches the next step you want your customer to take. — Links provide more content to your tweets within Twitter’s character limits and they are the best way to provide valuable information to your followers. You can link to your content more than once. You can promote one link five different ways by first using the title of the page, next a quote, then one takeaway you discovered, one statistic, and finally a sentence of commentary.
  11. Let Your Brand Personality Shine – Social media is social, so mix up the serious and add something personal and fun to the mix.
  12. Use Images — Share images in your tweets to increase engagement, since images now appear inline on Twitter. Research shows that content with relevant images gets more views than content without relevant images. Consider incorporating an image into every three to four tweets so they’re more prominent in a user’s feed.
  13. Reward Followers — It can be something as simple as sending them a thank you, or as grand as giving them a personalized discount code or a free product. To track how your offer translates into sales, create a special code or tracking number so you can measure the results. Contests are also a fun way to not only reward followers, but to build buzz around your brand online as well. Run Twitter contests using hashtags to increase engagement quickly.
  14. Keep it Short — Always cap your tweets at around 115 characters for optimal retweet-ability. If you make your tweets the full 140 characters, your readers can’t add to them or retweet easily.
  15. Integrate & Schedule — It’s great to tweet in the moment. But, It’s good to have a few tweets cued up that support your overall marketing strategy. You can optimize these tweets and schedule them to coincide with other marketing tactics.

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