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Email Delivers Higher ROI

E-Consultancy and Adestra just released the study, 2009 Email Marketing Census. The study included 560 company email marketers and 289 supplier respondents (agencies providing email services). The study identified some strengths and opportunities for marketers to optimize the results of their campaigns. The study suggests that email has become a crucial marketing technique during the recession because, when it’s executed properly, it can deliver an exceptional return on investment compared to other digital marketing channels. Here is a summary of some of the findings:


  • The vast majority of respondents (78%) rate email as “excellent‟ or “good‟ for ROI, higher than for any other digital marketing channel. Only 4% of respondents say email is poor for ROI.
  • Three-quarters of companies (75%) are now undertaking basic segmentation, with a further 19% saying that they are planning to implement this.


  • Half organizations (51%) have experienced problems reaching recipients‟ in-boxes in the last 12 months, about the same proportion as in 2008.
  • Less than a fifth of companies (18%) know what percentage of their email budget is lost through non-delivery.
  • Almost two-thirds of email marketers (63%) do not have any employees who are solely working on email marketing.
  • Strategy and campaign planning (40%) is the area that email marketers are most likely to focus on in 2009. Some 37% say that they need to focus on list and data quality.
  • Only 60% of respondents carry out regular list cleansing which will be one of the reasons why many respondents have experienced problems with deliverability.
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