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Dynamic design and personalization of web experience

What is dynamic design and web personalization?

A dynamic design and web personalization is delivering different and unique content to each individual customer based on the customer’s interests. So when you go to the web site, you will feel like this is a site just for you.

The old personalization form often includes relatively “wide” customer segments like new vs repeat visitors, and relatively static discount or product promotions. For now, the dynamic personalization is doing more detail. The promotions are customized with every page view to the specifics of each individual visitor.

A classic example is When you shop at Amazon you would see “customers who bought X also bought Y” after you added an item to your shopping cart or searched for a specific item. And you will also find there is a “recommend based on your browsing history”. It shows the similar items you searched for and ordered by popularity. What is more, it will ask you if you would like to sell back your copy after you keeping it for a period of time. That is dynamic personalization. Specific product recommendations are based on your unique behaviors. And all of these are encouraging you to keep doing business with

How and why it works.

How it works? All your behaviors are compared in real-time with the behaviors of other shoppers. The result is a match between things you are interested in, and the things others are interested in. This is called collaborative filtering. Recommendation systems use it to predict items that a user may be interested in, given some information about the user’s profile. As customers continue to visit a web site, browse and search, view products, and purchase, this data is fed into the personalization database. As the site owner adds products, content, and promotion, this information is fed in as well. In this way, the dynamic personalization system continues to learn more about what is popular and relevant right now. So it helps the owner to know its customers better.

Why it works? Because this method is a fancy way of using wisdom of the crowd. It use data mining to segment customers and pattern their purchase trends.

Why it matters.

Sell: Get users to view what is relevant to them-making them aware that you have what they need, give the right recommendation let them realize what they also need. This is a way to greater sales and customer retention.

Serve: It gives customer better services and save time. You can subscribe a certain product you like, so you do not need to search for it every time you need it.

Speak: Dynamic personalization allows customers to choose what they would like to know or to receive. So it increases the efficiency of advertising and promotion.

Sizzle: All of the above can help add value, strengthen the brand and develop the relationship.

In conclusion, dynamic personalization relies on what your customers are actually telling you about what they prefer.