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Dynamic Design and Personalization of the Web Experiences

What Dynamic Personalization is?

Simply, Dynamic Personalization means the web dynamically provides the personalized information to each visitor.

Personalization- Do Customization

Personalization means customize things, e.g. information, service, product, etc. for customers. Each customer has his/her unique favor and demand but he/she has one thing in common: do not want waste time to pay attention to what he/she does not like or prefer. Customization is to assign appropriate things to each customer according to his/her intention.

How to let this happen?

Dynamic Design – Do Interaction

Dynamic means doing interaction with customers. Dynamic Design is to use background processing system to track the keywords that customer used to analyze his/her desire and then give him/her the information he/she actually wants or let customer does DIY online. Dynamic Design is the solution for customization to save customers’ time and more efficiently meet their diverse needs.

Why Dynamic Personalization Matters?

Most traditional webs are designed for most customers in according to common needs. They cannot satisfy each customer’s needs. However, new webs with Dynamic Personalization can digitally do one-to-one service for everyone. As a result, customers can feel more comfortable and actually save time.

How Dynamic Personalization Works?

For example, on Amazon website, when a customer searches for a camera, many related products, e.g. camera bag, backup battery, etc. will be showed below the product he/she found. It can not only give the convenience to the customer but also raise sales.

Why is this article worthy?

Give a new concept—-Dynamic Personalization

Explain why Dynamic Personalization is useful

Dynamic Personalization is a new concept that started to use these years. It is quite different from traditional web. Traditional web only can provide the same information for all visitors. Under the circumstance, visitors usually complains like: I could not find X when I looked for X, but Y always appeared, however, when I look for Y, Y disappeared; I want to buy a laptop, a mouse and a laptop bag, so I have to search for three categories: laptop; mouse; accessory; I Googled A on website X, but I was not satisfied A listed on X, so I googled A again to go to website Y. If I still did not like A on Y, I had to go back to Google… How to solve those problems?—-Using Dynamic Personalization!