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Don’t Wait to Get Social

With the variety of social media channels now available to marketers, and new ones landing on the scene, what seems like every day, it’s time to make social media part of your overall marketing strategies. If you’ve been perfectly comfortable in your traditional marketing world and are having a hard time diving in, then a great place to start is the three-part social webinar series hosted by Customer Insight Group’s president Sallie Burnett.

Why Use Social Media for Business

Part I, titled: Social Media Outlook 2012 gives you the basics of the current state of social media and what it can mean for your business. The live webinar has already taken place, but you can view the slides from the presentation below.

Part II, titled First Things First: Executive Buy-In and Key Tactics for Social Media Success took place Thursday, March 15.  You can view the slides from this presentation below. In this presentation, you’ll learn the best ways to tie your social activities to your business goals, why social media is important and how to measure the success of your efforts.

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