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Don’t Go Into The New Year Without a Social Media Audit

Time to Audit Your Social Media Marketing Plan

Just when you thought that you had social media all figured out, now comes the hard part of turning a critical eye. While you may very well know how everything works and how you should be managing your social media, we all know that fine-tuning our programs can often times be the hardest part. Here we offer up just a few items that should be on your year-end checklist as you get prepped for the new year.

Do a Branding Check

Visit each of your social media channels’ pages and check to be certain that all your logos, brand images, and copy tone or voice, are up to date and consistent with your current strategies. A consistent brand presence across all areas of your organization is key. Don’t have an online style guide yet for your brand? Now is a good time to create one.

Freshen Your Content

Even if you feel like your content hits the mark, there’s probably a pretty good chance that there’s room for improvement. Are there opportunities for new contributors? Is there a new “standing section” that would bump up engagement? Are there new ways to present your expertise that you haven’t tried yet? Push your team to stretch their content offerings and create a content plan and editorial calendar that incorporates your overall promotions calendar.

Rate Your Reviews

Are reviews and ratings being encouraged on your pages? Look at how you can encourage more sharing through promotions, requesting submissions or encouraging photo sharing. Tapping into your fans and their individual networks get to the very heart of what makes social media so compelling.

Check Your Own Engagement

How often are you interacting with those who visit your social channels? Are you taking advantage of every opportunity to interact? Do you have enough staff to monitor your channels and interact every time? If you don’t feel like you have the bandwidth, now is the time to look at adding resources for 2013.

Track Your Progress

Do you have a process in place to track the various elements of your social initiatives? From tracking engagement and sentiment to demographics and sharing, there are plenty of places to gauge your work. Without a baseline, it’s difficult to set the bar going forward, so make tracking a priority going into the new year.

It’s important to be diligent in keeping your social media offerings fresh and relevant. Remember that you’re on a journey of continuous testing and refinement to constantly improve your customer’s social experience and build profitable customer relationships over the long term. Not sure where to start in auditing your social media program? Try Customer Insight Group’s Social Media Grader. Just a few clicks and it returns a report card that sheds light on where you’re doing well and where there is room for improvement.

Let the experts at Customer Insight Group help with a comprehensive Social Media Audit that can shed light on where you can make improvements that will help you reach your business objectives.

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