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Domino’s Tweet-To-Eat Social Media Campaign

Domino’s pizza chain recently announced it will now take pizza orders via Twitter, as a part of their buy-anywhere-anyhow campaign.

The thought behind this is that customers can stay within whatever media form they are using — social media, mobile, desktop, Apple Watch, and order a pizza without having to switch media.

“This is really just giving customers another option to order,” says Dennis Maloney, vice president, chief digital officer at Domino’s. “If people are very familiar using Twitter and that’s how they like to communicate, we are basically allowing them to order using a platform they are comfortable using.”

With the Domino’s tweet-to-eat process, customers tweet #EasyOrder or a pizza slice emoji to @Dominos. The Twitter purchases are designed to be quick and easy. The customer must have previously created a Domino’s profile and the order must be identical to the default order on file within that profile and it must go to the default address on file and it must be paid by the default payment method. Consumers must also add their Twitter handle to their profiles.

Maloney expects most Twitter orders to come from smartphones. Of Domino’s 400 million pizza orders in the U.S. each year, 50% are digital orders, and 50% of digital orders are through a smartphone, Maloney says.

The Domino’s Anyware ordering options also include ordering from Samsung Smart TVs, Pebble and Android Wear smartwatches, and Ford Sync cars.

[Source: Internet Retialer]

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