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Digital Marketing News: Nordstrom Using Technology to Drive Growth

Highlighted below are some of the latest Digital Marketing emerging trends, articles, research and news we found share-worthy.


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Shoppers can hold up to five pieces of merchandise at U.S. stores until closing the next day without any obligation to make a purchase. The chains aim to close the gap between merchandise displayed online and what’s carried in stores. Read more

ABERCROMBIE TONES DOWN NIGHTCLUB VIBE TO WIN BACK TEENSJeffries and his team described plans to appeal to a new generation of teens by toning down the stores’ nightclub vibe, minimizing the chain’s signature logos, and enlisting so-called Instagram kids in marketing.

NORDSTROM — USING TECHNOLOGY TO FIGHT FOR GROWTH Nordstrom remains focused on its defining organizational characteristic—service. Read more

WHAT ADVERTISING WILL LOOK LIKE IN 2020 Where should marketers and brands place bets over the next five years? What is hype over substance? Read more

IMPROVING CUSTOMER TARGETING AND PERSONALIZATION THROUGH SOCIAL IDENTITY The contextual insight available in social media offers an opportunity to better know and engage audiences with compelling, personalized content and experiences across channels. Read more

RETAILERS TURN TO SMARTPHONES TO TRACK CUSTOMER SHOPPING HABITS An e-tailer can tell how many times a customer has visited its website, what items they browsed, and recommend products based on demographics. Now, owners of traditional stores can have a glimpse of the same type of data. Read more


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Mary Shaw