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Demystifying the Hashtag

Is your business tweeting? Twitter is no doubt one of the most popular social media channels out there today and businesses of every size can use it as a powerful tool to introduce new products and services, lend expertise and voice their opinions. But, are you wielding the power of the hashtag to your advantage?

When it comes to Twitter, the hashtag is at the beginning of an online trend. And what business doesn’t want to be the subject of viral buzz? A hashtag is simply a word or phrase that has a “#” prefix at the beginning, such as #oscars or #ibm. The main purpose of using a hashtag is to make sure that the conversation around a given topic or word can easily be followed by others. Businesses can follow relevant hashtags to track online conversations about their business and understand what customers are saying about their business.

Create Buzz

Promote your business using a hashtag. It can be your business name (#ABCLandscape), or a special offer (#ABCspringspecial), or an event (#ABCGardenDays). By introducing your business to a particular trend, it will allow people to associate your brand and create awareness. Always remember to use the correct hashtag. Topical tags (#Gardening) can generate awareness and expand your overall reach. Use these tags within your tweets, rather than just using them separately. It will be easier for readers to become informed about what your business is or what you are trying to say when they can read it within context of a complete tweet.

Remember to track your hashtags’ progress to see how effective each one is to your overall marketing goals. It’s a great way of measuring your reach on this social media platform and you can easily keep an eye on conversations regarding your product, service or brand.

Top Five Benefits of Using Hashtags for Your Business

  • Create awareness for your brand.
  • Monitor your reputation.
  • Measure your reach.
  • Puts your business in the “twitterverse”.
  • Makes you easier for customers to follow.

Need help creating a strategy for your business on Twitter? Let the social media experts at Customer Insight Group show you how.

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