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Dairy Queen Launches #BlizzardBattle Social Media Contest

Dairy Queen is pitting its apple and pumpkin flavored blizzards against each other in a new social media marketing campaign.

The Minneapolis-based brand has pitted two towns in what it calls a #BlizzardBattle, urging fans to #VoteApple or #VotePumpkin through Sept. 29 on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Barry Westrum, Dairy Queen’s executive vice president of marketing, said in an interview that the brand has reached a level on social media where it can promote products solely on those platforms.“We’re just starting to get traction now where we can market products almost exclusively via social and get transactions in our restaurants in a way that in the past only national television has done,” Westrum said.

Westrum mentioned Dairy Queen has grown its Facebook base over the past year by more than a million fans, to 9.2 million, and increased its Twitter followers fourfold, to 237,900. As of Sept. 17, more than 603,000 fans had voted at the dedicated Blizzard Battle microsite. “Apple Capital” Wenatchee, Wash., lagged behind “Pumpkin Capital” Caro, Mich., by 10 percentage points, at 45 percent to 55 percent.

“Fans are interacting with our brand on all these available social channels,” Westrum said. “It’s a wonderful way to promote our products in different ways than television. We’ll certainly continue to play in this space.”

What is your favorite…Apple or Pumpkin?


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[Source: Restaurant News]

Mary Shaw