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Creating a User-Centered Mobile Site and Why it’s Important

As mobile devices become increasingly sophisticated mobile sites have received the demand to keep up. Consumers expect the option to interact with a brand whenever and wherever they want, and it is the responsibility of the brand to ensure that’s possible.

Mobile sites give the brand the unlimited ability to connect with a consumer. This includes providing additional information on products or services a customer may be interested in, selling products through a mobile medium, or giving consumers a reason to visit the physical location of a store. All of these actions contribute to a company’s bottom line, which means mobile marketing is an important part of a company’s marketing mix.

While developing a mobile site, companies must determine which strategy is most relevant for their brand. To do this, a company must understand what their target market wants and needs out of a mobile site. Creating a site based on the needs and wants of consumers is considered a user-centered mobile site, and is an effective way to ensure consumers are getting what they want out of a company’s mobile communications.

In the article “A User-Centered Approach To Web Design For Mobile Devices” from Smashing Magazine Lyndon Cerejo goes into the specific steps necessary to create a user-centered mobile site. Cerejo also further discusses the importance of mobile sites for companies due to their increasing presence in consumer behavior.