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Coupons Increase Email Click Rates and Revenue

According to a coupon trends study by Experian Marketing Services, 70% of coupon based e-mail campaigns have higher open and click rates than other mailing sent by the same brands. The study, entitled ‘The coupon report: Benchmark data and analysis for email marketers’, included the following findings:

  • E-mail coupons available for online redemption provide a 34% average average increase in open rates (23.9% versus 17.8 percent), while those with in-store redemption have an average increase in open rates of 51 percent (24.6% versus 16.2%)
  • 66% of American households use coupons, with the majority of them (87%) being used to save money, and 30% being used to try a new product or service.
  • 70% of coupon-using households said they obtain their coupons from newspapers. However, the internet is a growing coupon source. Over the past three years, the number of households that get their coupons online has increased by 46%.
  • Close to 50% of all American households use coupons to buy food or grocery products, making these the most common items purchased with coupons, followed by cleaning products and beauty/grooming products.

The bottom-line, coupons are moving purchases in the current economic climate. Email marketing provides the unique ability to create relevant offers to specific customers based on past activity and past purchases. These targeted offers resonate and customers respond.

“For marketers, the data behind our coupon study further validates how email coupons can and should be used to engage customers and drive traffic and sales to other channels,” stated Matt Seeley, president of Experian Marketing Services’ Platforms division. “Understanding the purchase drivers and triggers along with the channel preferences of unique customers is an essential element in building loyalty and engagement. Today’s consumers are multi-channel and marketers that acknowledge this will see greater return on their marketing spend.”

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