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Why Blog? It Might Help Increase Trustworthiness & Sales

Why Blog

Why Blog?

Trustworthiness is critical in business. You know that when your customers and potential customers trust you this means they are more likely to purchase your products or service. Well, one of the many benefits of blogs is that 81 percent of all online readers have learned to trust this form of content. When you are consistently creating content that is helpful, you build trust and authority.

Importance of Blogging for Business

Yes, many businesses are still not blogging, but that gives you an edge as long as you let go of “why blog?” and concentrate on “why not blog?” Once you see the benefits of blogging, a whole new world will be opened up to you.

Drive Traffic to Your Website with Inbound Links

With relevant, useful content, not only do you build your brand reputation, you also increase your inbound links. Inbounds links tell search engines that you are an authority. The higher your authority in a subject, the higher you rank on search engines like Google. In addition, when users click on the inbound links, new potential customers visit your website.

Get a Customer by Blogging

Customers can make a business sink or grow, so it makes sense that you do what you can to engage, keep and grow as possible. You should know that businesses that blog more than once a day gain more customers. According to the Hubspot Inbound Marketing Report, 92 percent of businesses publishing multiple blog post every day-acquired customer directly through their blogs.

Build Brand Awareness

The one thing that some businesses, especially smaller business, cannot afford is good advertising that is focused on their business. Well, blogging gives small businesses the opportunity to be a digital billboard and build brand awareness.

You may not understand how this will work, but a study showed that 61 percent of Americans have made a purchase based solely on something that was read on a blog. The Internet has given you the opportunity to control content a lot easier, meaning that content that promotes your product or service can be used for your own benefit.

Understand that most content readers are not looking for a sales pitch but rather actionable information that could help them in their lives and in buying decisions. What you want your content to do is solve a problem or meet a need. Remember — people are in an information-gathering mode a lot more frequently than the buying mode. By being a valued resource of information, you are building the customer relationship and they are more likely to come to you when they are ready to buy.

Evergreen Content Will Keep Pulling Them In

You have more than a few reasons to blog, but there is still more to cover like the fact that creating evergreen content will continue to pull in readers. Creating content that solves an issue will continue to solve that issue again and again. This means that your content will continue to attract new readers without you writing another similar piece.

This makes blogging for business a pretty wise investment. Be sure to update your blog posts if you want to maximize the benefits of blogs because search engines give priority to blogs that are updated regularly. This does not mean that you have to break your back rewriting your blog post but rather add updated information or removing something that no longer applies to the piece from time to time.

Get to Know Your Customers

Blogs are a good way to open up a little conversation between company and your customers. By asking for comments, you have an opportunity to better understand the needs, preferences and interests of your customers.

By now, I hope you are no longer thinking: why blog? Instead, you are looking for blogging best practices to ensure you gets the best results from your efforts.

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