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Report: Content Marketing Success

Report-Content Marketing Success

What Companies Are Doing to Achieve Content Marketing Success

A new report, The 2016 State of Content Marketing from Ascend2 reveals that the lack of an effective content marketing strategy and the resources required to create compelling content are often caused by the third most significant barrier to success – budget constraints.

Content Marketing Success Barriers

Lead Generation and Improving Customer Engagement are Top Priorities

58% Increase lead generation

55% Improve customer engagement

46% Increase brand awareness

39% Increase sales revenue

Fact-based content such as research reports are at the top of the list for most effective types of content. Posting is a well-established method for the continuous engagement of prospects and customer with timely information.

Most Effective Types of Content

The most difficult types of content to create such as videos and podcasts often require resources and capabilities not available in-house.

Most Difficult Types of Content to Create

64% Video/Podcast

62% Research reports

45% Webinars

35% Infographics

The lack of an effective strategy is the top obstacle to companies marketing success.

Most Effective vs. Most Difficult Types of Content

Effectiveness Versus Difficulty

[Source: Ascend2]

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