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Content Alone Is Not Enough, Companies Must Engage

Companies need to work harder on creating and promoting content on social media channels that focus more on multilayered engaging experiences instead of just broadcasting content. Is the web a vehicle for distribution or a unique and creative medium in its own right?

While the mantra of the web these days seems to be “content, content, content,” we keep finding that content alone is a dead end for ongoing engagement.

For instance, we create endless blog posts and tweets and videos to fulfill our perceived need for content and call it our social-media strategy. Trouble is it’s not really a social strategy, as much as a search-engine-optimization strategy. We aren’t necessarily engaging an audience with this “content.” All we are doing is enticing them to watch and maybe share a link. So, in the end, the value of most “content strategies” is to create inbound link traffic, which is really SEO.

But delving deeper, creating content often means negating the one thing that the web is uniquely qualified to deliver, which is a connected and engaging user experience.

Sallie Burnett
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