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Consumers Weigh in on Facebook and the Web

Social Media Marketing Statistics

Facebook Users Prefer Branded Content to Ads

Facebook users are more likely to interact with branded content on the site, not advertising, which may be an obstacle for the social networking giant down the road. A January 2012 “Search and Social Media Survey” report from search engine marketing company Greenlight, showed:

44% of Internet users worldwide said they never clicked on ads or sponsored listings on Facebook and

31% said they rarely clicked on ads.

[Source: eMarketer, Greenlight]

Facebook Users Like to Share

According to an April 2012 study from Wildfire, worldwide Facebook users sharing content breaks out as follows:

39% “Pick your favorites” in which users can choose a certain number of items from a list

32% Quizzes (82% of users who clicked on a friend’s post about a quiz went on to also take that quiz)

29% Trivia contests

26% Sweepstakes

Facebook users

[Source: eMarketer, Wildfire “Earned Media Study]

Video Content Remains King

Video content continues to lead the pack in terms of demand and consumer consumption. According to responses from a recent Adobe survey of digital marketers, the top rich media features that marketers will be focusing on this year include:

61% Video

45% Interactive publications (e.g., microsites, catalogs, brochures)

27% Interactive design tools

14% Zoom/360 pin/alternative images

9% 3D visualization

[Source: Adobe 2012 Digital Marketing Optimization Survey]

Mobile Safari Fastest Growing Web Browser

New data released from e-commerce technology company Monetate states that the most rapidly growing web browser over the past year on its sites is the mobile version of Safari, going from 5.84% to 11.12%. With Internet Explorer still holding the top spot.

[Source: Monetate, TechCrunch]

Consumers Enjoy More Favorable Web Experiences

According to a large-scale research study by the Temkin Group, consumers rated the following companies with the best web experiences:

  • Amazon
  • Credit Unions
  • USAA
  • PNC
  • Southwest Airlines
  • eBay
  • Sam’s Club
  • ShopRite
  • JCPenney
  • ING Direct

[Source: The Temkin Group, MediaPost]

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