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ClickBank Reviews Website Counters Product Review Fraud

SwizzMagik is a development project with the goal of being a step ahead with regard to web technology. Their latest development is the ClickBank Reviews website, which is currently undergoing testing as a beta release and will be officially released in July of this year. The basic objective of the site is to prevent product review fraud by honing in on generic commentary and eliminating bogus information. Analysts moderate the site and work to expose illegitimacy in product reviews in order to give consumers a reliable source to check the authenticity of a particular website’s business.

I believe this concept is a brilliant way to counteract dishonest marketers who are posing as consumers and posting favorable reviews. Although unethical, it has been found that “79% of information product review sites on the web have been found to contain biased content and/or unsubstantiated claims.” This statistic is alarming due to the number of individuals who peruse product reviews during the decision making process as a means of gathering “honest” information regarding a particular product. If these reviews have been manipulated, the consumer suffers by purchasing a product that is less likely to meet their expectations, while the company has the potential to also suffer if the fraud is detected and exposed. If successful, this new website could significantly assist consumers in making better informed decisions while also shining a light on the topic of online business fraud. Although the website in its current state does need some organizational work to decrease confusion and increase ease of consumer usability, the potential for a successful means of fraud communication is there. The press release promises a “black list” and “white list” of the main information product distributors to increase awareness of online illegitimacy while also highlighting honest reviews and businesses. The press release link is provided below.