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BY THE NUMBERS: Social Media Proves to Be a Powerful Force

These recent statistics caught our eye. Where does your brand stand on wielding the power of social media?

Social Drives Traffic

Between the end of 2010 and the end of 2011, Internet Retailer Top 200 retailers saw a 203% increase in traffic from Facebook to their sites. [Source: Facebook and commerce Data Team]

Social Impacts Online Sales

An estimated $1 Billion in goods will be sold through social media in the US in 2011. That figure is expected to triple in 2012 and reach $14 billion by 2015. [Source: Booz & Company/emarketer]

Keep Your Site Sticky!

Users logged in with a social network spend 50% more time on site than those standard logins at only 8 minutes. Users logged in with a social network view 10 page views, that’s 2x as many as those with a standard login. Average Number of Social Logins by Provider

  • 61% Facebook
  • 15% Yahoo
  • 12% Google
  • 10% Twitter
  • 2% LinkedIn
[Source: Techcrunch/Gigya]

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jill Manser