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BY THE NUMBERS: Recent Stats That Caught Our Eye

These recent statistics caught our eye. What do these numbers say to you?

Look Who’s Younger & More Affluent

The average age of a digital newspaper reader is 44 (compared to average age of a print reader of 51) and are 22% more likely to have a college or post-graduate degree than print readers. Also worthy of note: digital news readers boast a higher than average household income and a greater likelihood to make big-ticket purchases like homes, cars and furniture.

[Source: Pulse Research, September 2011]

Mobile In On the Move

Time spent on mobile phones per day on average increased 30% in 2011 to an hour and 5 minutes, far surpassing the 44 minutes devoted to print magazines and newspapers combined. This is a change from last year, where the time spent between print and mobile was more equal, around 50 minutes.

[Source: eMarketer Estimate, 2011]

And the Vote is in…

84.6% of respondents at a recent MediaPost Search Insider Summit said that they do not expect the 2012 U.S. elections to influence their company’s search strategy.

[Source: MediaPost]

It’s 6:00, Where’s Your Tablet?

Mobile queries on tablets spike between 6pm and 9pm while consumers sit at home watching television. Could this support a cross-channel search and TV campaign strategy?

[Source: Michael Slinger, Google, Director of mobile advertising]

Boomers Go Social

Baby Boomers and older folks using social media continues to increase. In fact, it’s the 65+ age group that has grown the most in the past two years, increasing by 49% since 2010.

[Source: Pew Research]

Are You in the Loop?

Social networks are an infinite loop: 19% of all visits are immediately followed by a visit to another social network.

[Source: Experian, 2011 Social Media Trend Report]

The Parent Trap

18% of parents try to connect with their children via Facebook, up from 6% in 2009.

[Source: Experian, 2011 Social Media Trend Report]
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