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BY THE NUMBERS: “Likes” Equal Loyalty

These recent statistics caught our eye. Where does your brand stand on wielding the power of social media?

A recent report titled The Social Brand Experiencereleased by the CMO Council had some interesting findings that shed light on what consumers think versus what marketers think consumers think. The survey involved 132 senior marketers and more than 1,200 consumers on the subject of social media.

49% of consumers who “Like” a brand on Facebook are loyal customers, while,57% of marketers felt that when a customer “likes” their brand, it means that they found the content agreeable. (In fact, only 30% of consumers cited liking the content as the reason they “liked” the page.) Some other reasons that consumers cited include:
  • 46% want to track news for the brand and products
  • 43% are looking for a special savings or events
  • 26% want to be heard
  • 24% want to contribute and help customers
  • 19% want to recommend or connect friends to their favorite brands
When consumers “Like” a brand on Facebook, 67% expect to be eligible for exclusive offers, and 60% expect to interact with other like-minded consumers.While only 27% of marketers thought that consumers were expecting a special savings and even less were expecting consumers to engage with other customers.
Other consumer expectations include:
  • 57% to find games, contests and other unique experiences
  • 50% to find service and support
  • 41% to share my ideas for new products and features
The more consumers engage in social media, the more they inspire each other to engage with new and different brands. In fact, 80% said they were more likely to engage with a brand based on a friend’s suggestion, and 74% said they were likely to encourage friends to try new products.

Ready to move social media up as a priority for your brand? (80% of the marketers in this survey are!) Looking for a social media agency? Let the social media experts at Customer Insight Group help you use social media to build better customer relationships, promote brand awareness, increase loyalty and improve the customer experience.

jill Manser