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Brooks Brothers Focuses on Refining Content & Experience

Brooks Brothers Uses Social Media Within Their Overall Digital Strategy.

It looks like their focus remains on investing in tools and testing to improve the online shopping experience for customers and prospects, and ultimately, to increase sales. Brooks Brothers’ executive vice president of direct and omnichannel, Ken Seiff, spoke at the Adobe Digital Marketing Symposium in New York City this last week and revealed that their priority right now is the upcoming launch of their newly designed website that promises a personalized shopping experience.

Whatever it is that Brooks Brothers is doing, they appear to be taking a slow and steady approach to their social media efforts. Here’s a look at how Brooks Brothers’ compares with similar retailers:

Brooks Brothers

  • 91,500 Facebook Likes
  • 21,423 Twitter followers

Ralph Lauren

  • 5, 023, 481 Facebook Likes
  • 60,910 Twitter followers (only their Rugby line is on Twitter)

Tommy Hilfiger

  • 3,451,787 Facebook Likes
  • 71,045 Twitter followers
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