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Brands Use Instagram to Forge Customer Connection

A picture says a thousand words. And savvy brands know it. After all, a photo captures a moment in time and all the emotion and rich detail that goes with it. Now, what brand doesn’t want to deepen their customer connection? Brands like Puma and Starbucks are looking to connect on a completely different level than the in-store shopping experience by utilizing these new social media channels.

Take British fashion icon Burberry. Peruse their 450-plus photos and you instantly feel connected to their fashion with behind the scenes outtakes from fashion shows, images from catalogs and improvised pix taken street-side in London. Connecting through photos is an ideal way to created a richer, more robust customer experience that can ultimately lead to a greater customer investment in their brand love.

In a bid to create digital buzz, Puma recruited independent bloggers via Instagram to chronicle their boat’s quest for victory in the ongoing Volvo Ocean Race set to end this summer.

Popular chef Jamie Oliver uses Instagram to not only share what’s in season at his morning run to the local market, but also shares personal photos that let his followers feel as if they know him personally.

While Instagram may be viewed right now as more of a niche social media channel, that very definition will help catapult its ability to connect brands with highly targeted and engaged audiences. Something to think about as you move ahead with your social media plans in 2012.

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jill Manser