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Brands Celebrate Anniversaries & Connect With Consumers


Call it “comfort marketing.” Advertisers pull out their campaigns of old to connect with consumers today. Multiple brands are pulling out the stops to celebrate anniversaries this year with online ads and social media, as well as campaigns in traditional media like television, print and outdoor. Consumers get to join the party via giveaways, events, sweepstakes, commemorative packaging, promotions and social media.

Motel 6

The Motel 6 lodging chain observes its 50th with a campaign that includes television, radio, digital ads and social media, like Facebook and YouTube.

“Understanding the value of a dollar has rushed back to the forefront” of consumer considerations, said Lance Miceli, executive vice president and chief marketing officer at the Accor North America division of Accor, which owns Motel 6. As a result, he added, the brand’s promise of “a clean, comfortable room for the lowest price of any national chain” has become “as valued today as it was in 1962.”

“Over the past 50 years, the way America travels has changed a lot,” says the announcer, Tom Bodett, who is well known for the “We’ll leave the light on for you” radio spots he has delivered since 1986.
Brands Celebrate Anniversaries & Connect With Consumers
>But “no matter how much the journey changes,” Mr. Bodett says, “you’ll know there’s a light on at the end of it.” The commercial ends with this declaration: “Motel 6. Fifty years and the light’s still on.”



Life Savers
Connect for a Cause
Life Savers candy brand celebrates its 100 year anniversary this year with its “100 year of sharing” campaign, which includes a philanthropic component, called Connect for a Cause. When consumers purchase a roll of lifesavers, they find a code inside. They go online, enter the code and choose a charity. Life Savers then donates $1 to that cause. Invite your friends to join along and the charity with the most donations wins a bonus $25,000.

Tyler Simpson, director for mints at Wrigley in Chicago, said: “For 100 years, people have used Life Savers as a token of sharing. It’s time for us to share with causes that matter to them.”

Another element of the Life Savers campaign includes print ads that echo the brand’s magazine ads from the 1940s through the 1960s, which carried themes like “The candy with the hole.” “Anniversary edition” Sweet Storybook packages (that were introduced in 1935) will feature candies in vintage wrappers.

Look Who Else Is Celebrating Anniversaries

  • Bacardi rum, 150 years;
  • Cartier, 165
  • Glenfiddich Scotch whiskey, 125
  • GMC trucks, 100
  • Kraft macaroni and cheese, 75
  • New York Mets, 50
  • Oreo cookies, 100

It can be a fine line when it comes to tapping into the nostalgic appeal of yesteryear’s branding. Marketers are mindful not to degrade their fresh relevant image of today while they herald the charm of yesterday. Anniversaries offer the perfect opportunity to remind consumers why they have endured in the marketplace for as long as they have.

[Source: New York Times]
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