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Brand Advocates Are Here to Help

Brand advocates are consumers who support specific brands and use in-person and online conversations to share their opinions, recommendations and thoughts about a company’s products and services. And brand advocacy is becoming a critical part of the social media marketing mix.

As social media gives average consumers a longer reach, brand advocates of all types and levels have emerged, including social media influencers, industry experts, brand employees, and consumers who use recommendations, blog posts and “likes” to gain discounts, deals and, in some cases, payments. For some of these consumers, being an advocate is a new activity, and one that will grow as they participate in more social sites.

A recent poll conducted by Zuberance revealed this about brand advocates:

  • 38% made a recommendation about once a month.
  • 12% said they did so several times a week.
  • 70% recommended at least five products or services a year.
  • 16% recommended at least 15 products or services a year.

“Companies can make the most of this by finding out their own brand advocates’ expectations for interaction on social media sites—then meeting and exceeding them.” says said Kimberly Maul, eMarketer writer/analyst.

Does your brand have advocates? How do you engage them and keep them loyal to your brand?

Mary Shaw