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Bing, Facebook, Social Search and Building SEO

With Google’s 65% market share of search engine use, Microsoft Bing announced that it has partnered with Facebook to build social search and bring more individualization to search results.

The new Bing feature will include results that integrate “likes” from your Facebook friends and give relevant results. For example, if you were thinking of watching a new movie, lets say, The Social Network, you could find out which of your friend’s “liked” it and use the opinions of your friends to help in your decision to watch it. The second feature is to integrate your social network into ‘People Searches,’ by having Facebook profiles show up in the results when you search for a person. Google has already integrated social media into its search, with YouTube and Twitter results showing up in organic Google searches.

This adds a new layer to traditional SEO (Search Engine Optimization). These social media tools have a high ranking on search engines, which at times results in the YouTube page showing up before the official site in organic search, or the twitter feed being the most relevant result. This is all the more reason to include as many relevant social media marketing tools to your e-marketing plan. Competitive companies will not only maintain a strong website, but also leverage the social internet to find as many ways to interact with customers as possible.

Editorial Staff