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Best Practices in Traffic Building

I found this article by searching “best practices in traffic building” on Google and clicking on the number one unpaid result, figuring it would be the most relevant based on its accessibility to my search. After reading it, I was surprised at the simple ideas laid out to increase traffic. These included things like frequent quality updates, posting on similar websites/blogs and improving based on statistical feedback. However, the main overall idea is that it is necessary to have patience because in general it takes time to build traffic. Several ideas along this vein include not stressing about lack of or negative comments. A website may be attracting a multitude of readers, but unless you really connect with someone, browsers tend to not comment frequently. Negative comments should actually be appreciated on some level because they are direct customer feedback that can be utilized to improve further. Responding to negative feedback might also go so far as to add to overall customers satisfaction. I believe that there are definitely ideas such as keywords and tags, connecting to social media websites and paid advertising that this article failed to mention, overall however it encompassed a variety of quality website traffic building practices.