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Ads with Friends: Analyzing the Benefits of Social Ads

[Neilsen, 5/5/12]

As social networks have picked up a greater share of digital ad dollars, a key differentiator they emphasize to brand advertisers is the ability to harness the power of friend recommendations when it comes to sharing experiences and content.

Last week, Facebook introduced new advertising products that highlight friend connections on the site to make marketing more inherently social. Though social ads were previously available on Facebook, last week’s announcement signifies even greater emphasis on this unique form of advertising.

A prior Nielsen survey found:

  • 76% of U.S. internet consumers said they most trusted recommendations from friends.
  • 49% trusted consumer opinions posted online.

More and more advertisers may consider leveraging ads with social content as a means to better utilize the power of the network of consumers engaged with their brands. What do you think about the new Facebook advertising products?

Mary Shaw