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Adobe Simplifies Social Marketing

According to an article in Business Wire, on March 21, 2012 Adobe introduced Adobe Social. This product is designed to provide a single platform for companies to manage and measure all of its digital marketing.

By using this product, companies will be able to:

  • Centralize publishing across all social platforms
  • Automate targeting and personalization
  • Monitor conversations about the company anywhere on the Web
  • Import data from social media sights to measure business results
  • Receive alerts about trending topics involving the brand
  • Implement apps
  • Tie social media interaction to purchase behavior
This is a great tool for companies because not only does it provide a simple way to manage digital marketing but it also allows companies to monitor and measure the impact of the digital marketing tools. Marketing is essentially immaterial for companies if there is no financial benefit so it is vital for companies to be able to measure the impact of its marketing efforts. Through Adobe Social, companies will now have the opportunity to manage and measure the digital marketing in a simple and streamlined way.