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9 Major Loyalty and Engagement Trends for 2009

[ – 12/3/08 11:48 AM]

In the competitive world of branding, understanding what drives consumer loyalty is the cornerstone of a brand’s continued success. Robert Passikoff, president of Brand Keys, offers the following advice on the nine major trends that will have a direct impact on the success – or failure – of brand marketing efforts in 2009:

1. Price matters if you’re a commodity
2. Differentiation, meaning, and added-values matter more
3. Engagement is not a fad. It is the brand objective
4. Media planning will be more innovative, touch-point focused, and two-way
5. How green is my brand?
6. Brands will need to identify – and leverage – new values
7. Behavior will finally beat attitude
8. Consumer expectations will continue to grow
9. Make life simple for your brand and your customer

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