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5 Social Media Best Practices to Start Today

Looking for some general tenets to guide your approach to social media? We think these five best practices will serve you well.

  1. Be Real. Traditional media can be so… corporate. Social media is the place for your brand to have a personality and be genuine. Put some real faces behind your brand, share your company’s story and aim for the human connection. The worst thing you can do, is keep your customers at arm’s length and put up a faceless facade. Social media is where you get to be, well, social.
  2. Listen First. The big change between traditional media and social media is that the channel goes both ways. We’ve had to listen in ways we never have before. An even better way to think of it… is we get to listen and interact. This two-way dialogue is an exciting element to a whole new way of thinking.
  3. Respond Second. There’s nothing worse than talking to a brick wall. And that’s exactly what it feels like when a customer posts to your Facebook page and hears nothing in return from the brand. Monitor and respond to your customers in a timely manner to show you are part of the conversation.
  4. Loosen Your Grip. For a long time we were in ultimate control of our brand and how it was presented to the world. That time is long gone. Social media has now made it possible for others to have an impact on how you are perceived. It’s time to accept that you don’t have that hold like you used to, and embrace how customer engagement can work in your best interests.
  5. Connect With Content. Sure, as a company you offer the best products and services out there, but now is the time to think beyond just what you stock on your shelves and think about what else you have to offer. Expertise. Connections. Resources. Inspiration. Ideas. All of those things offer up a value to your customer and are content ideas just waiting to happen. Value-added content helps position yourself in the marketplace, differentiate you from the competition and build an ongoing relationship with your customers. Are you a women’s fashion retailer? Maybe you can share the history of the trenchcoat, offer behind-the-scenes interviews, or feature outfit ideas for that next girls’ night out.

Need some help getting your social media strategy up and running? Give the experts at Customer Insight Group a call and find out how they can help you keep, engage and grow your customer relationships.

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