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18 Pinterest for Business Marketing Tips

Pinterest for Business Tips

18 Pinterest for Business Tips

While it’s true millions of women love Pinning, men are actually the fastest-growing demographic on Pinterest. No matter who your target audience is, take your Pinterest for business marketing to the next level with these top Pinterest tips.

  1. Add Links and Keywords – Pinterest is not only a great visual representation of your business, it also has the extra bonus of having SEO value if you include the link and keywords in your description.
  2. Pin It – Be sure that the content on your website is easy to share. Don’t miss the chance to let users pin from catalog pages, blog post and individual product pages. Put a pin button on all owned content. Incorporate the “Pin it” button into your social sharing area on each page of your site.
  3. Engage Pinterest Followers – Repin, “like” or comment on pins and boards of others. Interact with your followers and take the time to participate. Thank your pinners. Pinterest offers the ability to interact with your brand’s ideal customers in a direct, authentic way.
  4. Mix it Up – Avoid the “me syndrome” of pinning about your products. Connect with your target customers by pinning about inspirations, interests and your customer’s lifestyle. How-to guides, DIY activities and recipes are most likely to go viral if you’re in any of those sectors. Pinwords is a handy tool to use to share quotes. It’s a quick and easy way to make good-looking images from text or quotes and share them as pins.
  5. Be Relevant – Create boards and pin items that appeal to every segment of your customer base. This is your opportunity to speak to all your audience segments. To attract new followers and keep them engaged, provide new content regularly. Create a new board or pin to an existing board at least once a day, seven days a week.
  6. Be Aware of Copyrights – Make sure you always credit images and link back to the original source. For more information see Pinterest’s terms and conditions for use of third-party content.
  7. Gift Category – People love to use Pinterest for shopping ideas, which is why you may wan to use the new Gifts feed. Pinterest only shows product pins in the news feed. Product Pins show extra details like pricing, availability and where to buy right on the Pin so Pinners can decide which products are right for them.
  8. Add Videos – Images are not the only things that can be pinned. You Tube videos can be pinned to boards in the same way as any other image. If you have how-to videos or presentations this would be a great place to add them for additional exposure.
  9. Make it Personal – Use it show a different side to you and your business. Show behind the scenes at your office with boards about your staff or about a non-profit or cause you support.
  10. Pin What’s Hot – Whether it’s a book that received exposure on a talk show or the latest fashion trends, users want to see what everyone’s is talking about. If you pin this type of content to your boards, you can draw that trend-seeking crowd to follow you, just make sure it’s relevant to your business. Your team can also look at the Pinterest page that shows every item pinned from your site and your competitor(s): For example, you can look at who is pinning from the Kohl’s website or
  11. Cross-Promote – Tell your Facebook and Twitter fans and followers to come join the party. Incorporate plugins like the “Pin It” button on your website to let visitors know you have an active presence on Pinterest. Include a few of your best Pinterest pins in your newsletter or your regular emails.
  12. Use a Variety of Images — Use a variety of images from product images, to collages to infographics. Use can use tools like to help you create pins that stitch multiple images together. In terms of shape, vertical images with an aspect ratio between 2.3 and 4.5 get 60% more repins than very tall, thin images. Images with multiple dominant colors have 3.25 times more repins than images with a single dominant color. Lightness matters too. Medium light images get 20X more pins than darker images.
  13. Get Seasonal — Pinterest curates its own content with weekly collections called “Pin Picks,” which fit into current seasons, trends, and holidays. Your brand can create a more personal connection with Pinners with content that is timely and relevant to the season or holiday.
  14. Leverage Rich Pins — If you’re in the e-commerce biz, you may consider employing Rich Pins so users can see the price and availability of a product right on the Pin itself.
  15. Check Traffic – Use Google analytics to track what images and content are driving site traffic.
  16. Join Group Boards — Pinterest group boards can be a great source for repins, followers and traffic for your Pinterest brand page. Use PinGroupie to help you find the best Pinterest group boards for your brand.
  17. Create “Pin it for later” Links — At the time of sharing the blog post to social media, you can give readers the options to “Pin the post for later read.” Your reader adds your pin to one of their Pinterest boards and comes back to your content later when they want to read and engage. It’s a great way to allow others to bookmark your content for later reading.
  18. Rearrange Pinterest Boards — If you have boards that are more relevant for the season or your current business priorities have changed, you can rearrange the order of your Pinterest boards on your profile page to reflect the season or their importance.

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