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YOUR 2012 CUSTOMER STRATEGY: 5 Questions Worth Answering

The New Year is knocking at your door, and so too are your colleagues looking for the genius marketing plan that will make all the difference in 2012. Here are our top five questions worth asking as you plan your next move.

Are your campaigns on replay?

If your strategy seems eerily similar for all your campaigns, then it might be time to mix things up. Sure you may have found a strategy that proved to be super successful and that’s all fine, but the same thing rarely works ad nauseum. Revisit your objectives and fine-tune your strategy for each campaign.

Are you feeling engaged?

As in…interacting on a daily basis with your customers? No matter how you may be reaching them, whether it’s by Facebook, blog, tweets, videos or email, or all of the above, if you’re not having some level of interaction with your customers, then you better jump on the social media bandwagon and figure out where it makes sense to jump in the conversation. Start by monitoring the conversations about your brand, and then use what you learn to guide you to in making customer engagement a major part of your 2012 marketing strategy.

What has your data done for you lately?

Or more important, what have you done with your data recently? Have you considered every possible way to utilize that data to your benefit? If your efforts have been fairly stagnant since you moved forward with even gathering the data in the first place, it’s time to put that info to work for you. Start with the top three things you would like to know, and see where that leads you.

What does the new “norm” mean to you?

A persistently tough economy has made all of us look at our numbers a little differently. The new “norm” has resulted in consumers tightening their hold on their discretionary dollars and so it goes that our marketing objectives have to adjust as well. How will you account for this new norm? Will you need to go after a greater share of wallet? Revamp your loyalty program? Redefine who your best customers are based on these changing times? One thing is for certain. You can’t ignore this important consumer shift and hope that it goes away soon. To be truly successful in 2012, you will need to change your ways.

How will you improve your position in the game?

Remember that classic board game, Life? Our business world isn’t a whole lot different as we negotiate changes in the marketplace, tepid economies and fickle customers, just to name a few. But if we don’t make improving our competitive advantage part of our overall strategy we’re missing out on the opportunity to change the outcome of the game. So what are you adding to your strategy this year that helps set you apart from your competition?

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