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Wawa Reveals How to Survive a Recession

I was very impressed when I read what Harry McHugh, Wawa’s senior vice president, said about the convenience store’s strategy for surviving the downturn in the economy. The company’s focus on maintaining the customer experience is sure to lead Wawa’s way out of difficult times. Intensifying the company’s focus on the long-term mission and making targeted cuts in areas that are not core to that purpose, will position Wawa for a quick shift into growth mode when the recession ends.

“When making any budgetary decision, the management team considers Wawa’s six core values: valuing people, delighting customers, embracing change. We feel we should be leading change now, not just embracing it. Doing the right thing and doing things right. Those values drive our spending. You can’t compromise your values with short-term decisions. You need to be built to last. We have a passion for winning here. We love to compete. It’s not all Kumbaya,”McHugh noted.

[Convenience Store News, 1/28/09
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