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Top Tips: Does Customer Loyalty Really Exist?

Loyalty marketing can deliver positive return on investment when properly executed. Through real-world examples, learn the methods and techniques successful businesses use to inspire customer loyalty and build profitable customer relationships.

Did You Know?

  • Less than 50% of shoppers in reported purchasing the brand they had once been loyal
  • 70% of customers say poor service sent them elsewhere, not price
  • The percentage of brand loyal shoppers has steadily decreased over the last two years

So what tactics have you employed to ensure that you understand your customer better and are relevant to their needs? To help you get your arms around this idea, Customer Insight Group has developed an informative white paper titled “Does Loyalty Really Exist?” Key takeaways include:
  • The core principles of loyalty
  • How to best inspire true customer loyalty
  • Best practice case studies of major retailers
Mary Shaw