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The Buzz: Loyalty Program Overhauls & Omnichannel Strategy

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Below is our roundup of the latest noteworthy customer relationship marketing news, article, information, and trends.

Time to Overhaul Your Loyalty Program? 7 Steps to Long-Term Success

Is it the right time to revamp your loyalty program? It might be. A loyalty program is not something that you do once, flip a switch and set it on autopilot. If you’re not regularly reviewing and refining your customer loyalty program then you may be long overdue for a loyalty program audit.

A loyalty audit is a non-biased look at your company’s loyalty program to ensure that the program is working. Sears, Saks Fifth Avenue Refreshes SaksFirst, Overstock.com, Marriott Rewards and others have updated their loyalty programs in 2013.

Click here to get the seven factors you can evaluate to ensure that your loyalty program continues to grow and be successful over the long-term.

Personalization is Key for Successful Omni-channel Strategy

Personalized offers are key to boosting sales for beauty brands, but tracking the necessary data can be tricky for brands that are sold via multiple channels including department store beauty counters, L’Oreal Luxe Vice President of Digital Strategy and E-commerce Rachael Johnson said at a recent luxury retail conference. Creating an omnichannel approach is essential to reach customers where and when they’re shopping, and some brands are creating loyalty programs in which all the customer data goes directly to them.

Sears Holdings Updated the Shop Your Way Loyalty Program

As of Friday, January 4, 2014, members of Sears’ loyalty program started earning points toward purchases at Sears and Kmart by logging into the Hoffman Estates-based retailer’s fitness site, FitStudio.com, and tracking their physical activity.

The Points for Progress program works with fitness apps and devices that track physical activity – specifically a Fitbit or BodyMedia brand device – along with Netpulse-enabled fitness equipment at 500 gyms across North America. The activity is then synced to Sears’ own website FitStudio.com.

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