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Tap into Facebook to Persuade Consumers to Buy

According to comScore, Facebook is the leading social networking site based on monthly unique visitors, Facebook attracted 132.1 million unique visitors in June 2008, compared to MySpace, which attracted 117.6 million.

According to Alexa Internet, a California-based subsidiary company of Amazon.com, Facebooks’ website’s ranking among all websites increased from 60th to 7th in terms of worldwide traffic, from September 2006 to September 2007, and is currently 5th.

Why should you care? With millions of immensely active, passionate and connected members, Facebook provides marketers with a great opportunity to connect with their target audience. As of December 19, 2008:

  • Average user has 100 friends on the site
  • 2.6 billion minutes are spent on Facebook each day (worldwide)
  • More than 13 million users update their statuses at least once each day
  • More than 2.5 million users become fans of Pages each day
  • More than 15 million pieces of content (web links, news stories, blog posts, notes, photos, etc.) shared each month
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