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Study: Customer Loyalty in the Restaurant Industry

Restaurant Rewards Program Members are More Satisfied Stronger Brand Advocates

Restaurant Rewards Program StudyA recent Deloitte study, “Second Helpings: Building Customer Loyalty in the Fast Service and Casual Dining Restaurant Sector,” surveyed more than 4,000 patrons of quick-service restaurants to find out attitudes and behaviors regarding loyalty and restaurant rewards programs at these establishments. The study found that the loyalty program adoption rate is lower in the restaurant industry compared with other sectors, with 50% of surveyed respondents belonging to at least on restaurant program, versus airlines (78%) and hotels (70%).

More stats from the restaurant study include:

  • 25% of customers consider loyalty programs an important factor when choosing a restaurant
  • 74% of respondents indicate that they do not participate in their favorite restaurant’s loyalty program, citing no program or knowledge of one offered.
  • 33% felt that they had developed a personal relationship with their favorite restaurant’s brand and people.
  • 61% said that they never or rarely wanted restaurants to contact them for personal feedback.

“Although restaurant loyalty program participation is lagging, the study indicates that consumers do not have an inherent aversion to such programs,” Scott Rosenberger, principal at Deloitte Consulting LLP, said in a press release. “These programs can drive value if promoted effectively, as a restaurant’s most frequent patrons are more inclined to join that restaurant’s program and use it more than any others.” Additionally, he said, Deloitte found that those core customers who do belong to their most-visited restaurant’s program are more satisfied stronger brand advocates than those who do not.

Mary Shaw