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Social Media Creates Relevancy and Customer Loyalty

Social Media Can Enhance Your Lpyalty Program

Consumers today are time-starved, overwhelmed by messaging and more digitally enabled than ever before. In this fast-paced world, retailers struggle in finding ways to still offer the personalized experience consumers expect. According to a recent study from Empathica, loyalty marketers are increasingly taking advantage of social media to foster customer loyalty.

The inherent customization of social media creates opportunities for marketers to return to a time when successful retailers had relationships with their customers and their specific preferences. Even so, how do you break through all the noise to really engage your audience and engender customer loyalty?

Retailers must create relevance across all channels. A recent study from NCR Corp. found that,

81% of survey respondents said they’re more likely to pick retailers that enable them to interact via their preferred combination of online, mobile, self-service, and in-store channels.

This startling statistic is evidence of consumers’ decreasing brand loyalty to retailers, but also the opportunities companies have in fostering a “consumer-side loyalty” through relevance and personalization. To enhance customers’ experience, companies must ensure a seamless multi-channel retail experience and then find ways to integrate their social media strategy across all channels.

According to the study, 42% of respondents want information to be consistent across multiple channels, while 44% also agreed that their retail experiences would be much quicker and enjoyable if brands offered tools for greater personalization.

Social media is here to stay and marketers that can find ways to integrate relevant experiences for their customers will be better positioned for growth and increased consumer loyalty. Where does social media fit into your existing loyalty strategy?


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