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No longer are loyalty programs solely defined by retailers, grocery stores, and frequent flyer programs. Loyalty programs have evolved to become major players in the quest for building long-term devotion between brands and their customers. Virtual engagement, innovative approaches, and creative rewards are only the beginning. See for yourself.


Nike Seeks to Better the World

There’s no denying that when it comes to marketing, Nike knows what they’re doing. So is their Better the World initiative a loyalty initiative? A cause marketing initiative? Or a brand initiative? The answer… a resounding yes to all. Maybe that’s what makes it so remarkable. Nike’s Better The World is an A-plus example of a brand that understands its customers, presents initiatives that will matter and ultimately make a difference for everyone. It’s this kind of program that ultimately drives that sometimes-elusive brand advocacy. Better the World engages with customers via facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Nike’s website.

Btter Through Support


Crowdtwist Helps Miami Dolphins Connect With Fans

If you think loyalty programs are only right for traditional retailers, think again. Last April, the Miami Dolphins rolled out their Fin Club, a social-centric loyalty program squarely aimed at season ticket holders and diehard fans. The program rewards fans for interacting with the team through their website, as well as through Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare. Members can earn points for checking out the team’s site, liking the team’s Facebook page or purchasing a team jersey or game ticket. Those points add up to rewards like valet parking at the stadium, autographed merchandise or the chance to carry the team flag onto the field before a game.

The Dolphins worked with loyaltyfin club rewards platform CrowdTwist to develop the program. Like most offline businesses, the Dolphins are looking to identify their customers and build a relationship with them. In the past, they might not know much about those season ticket holders, but in an effort to understand who they are, The Fin Club provides a place to engage with fans and encourage even more devotion to their team. That’s key considering that once someone’s been a ticket holder for more than three years, they’re more likely to be in it for the long haul.


Beintoo Rewards Virtual Play

For those brands who are looking for a fun way to engage customers and promote new products or services and boost advocacy, Beintoo may be just what you seek. With 200 million users worldwide, Beintoo is a loyalty program armed with a full set of gamification tools – badges, missions, leaderboards, contests, etc., for mobile and web applications, games, and national brick-and-mortar or online retailers. When users engage through apps and games, they are rewarded with premium offers and real world benefits that can be redeemed in the Bestore or in the online stores of Beintoo’s retail partners for thousands of offers. In addition, Beintoo rewards its users for their engagement and achievements by letting them convert their Bedollars into real cash once they shop on partner retailers’ websites.


Via Beintoo’s reward engine, mobile developers can attain deeper user engagement and monetize inside and outside their apps, as they get paid for every Bedollar redeemed by a user. Advertisers and retailers, on the other hand, benefit from the most innovative way of engaging with their customers through customized and defined loyalty programs, maximizing the efficiency of their ad campaigns to reach conversion rates that are high above average.

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